Claiming your refund in a nutshell

At a participating retailer in the electronic Tourist Refund Scheme (eTRS),

  1. Present your original passport to be eligible for GST refund.

  2. After the eTRS transaction is issued, collect the original receipt(s) from the retailer before you leave the shop and keep the receipts until you receive your refund.

  3. There will not be any physical eTRS ticket given to you. To check if the eTRS transaction is correctly issued, you can login to this website ( or download the mobile app “eTRS Singapore” from Android/ iOS play stores.

At the airport, proceed to the eTRS self-help kiosk with your goods.

  1. For purchases that you plan to check-in, before you check-in your luggage, you need to apply for GST refund at the eTRS self-help Kiosk located at departure check-in hall (before immigration).

  2. For purchases you intend to hand carry (cabin luggage), you need to apply for GST refund at the eTRS self-help kiosk located at the Departure Transit Lounge (after immigration).

  3. If the transactions are not approved at the self-help kiosk, you need to approach a Customs officer at the Customs Inspection Counter located near the kiosks. You may be required to show your goods purchased, original receipts, passport and boarding pass at the Customs Counter.

  4. There will not be any acknowledgement slip issued by the self-help kiosk after your transactions have been processed. Instead, a summary of your claim and its application outcome will be displayed on the kiosk screen. Please read the information carefully to know if inspection of your goods is required.

At the eTRS self-help kiosk, you may choose your preferred refund option.

  1. If you choose cash refund, please proceed to the GST Cash Refund Counter located in the Departure Transit Lounge area (after immigration). You are required to present your passport at the GST Cash Refund counter.

  2. If you choose Alipay refund, the refund amount will be credited to your Alipay account immediately. If the amount is not credited to your Alipay account, you can approach and check with the staff at the GST Cash Refund Counter for assistance.

  3. If you choose to receive your refund via credit card, you may proceed for boarding. The refund will be credited to your designated credit card within 10 days.